Individually Wrapped Straws

Due to repeated customer requests to individually sleeve (overwrap) our straws for certain end customer sanitation needs, we have found an economical machine with the flexibility to sleeve almost our entire range of straws which we are currently evaluating for purchase.

This is completely different than a machine to sleeve one specific straw.

Product capability will include the .245, .275 and .380 diameter smooth wall straw from 6” to 18” in length with or without tips attached, corrugated straws from 6.5” to 17.5” with or without tips, and memory section straws from 9” to 13.25”.

SELA is attempting to gauge actual interest to decide whether or not this capability would be utilized by our customer base and would greatly appreciate your feedback, positive or negative, which will help in our decision making

At this time we would use a clear BOPP (PP) film with serrations at each end to facilitate opening. Similar to the Chinese fortune cookie wrapper.

While SELA has looked at biodegradable films, we are concerned with high humidity along with end use workers handling these packages with damp hands. With current bio films, it could become a mess quickly.

Pricing, at quantities of 50,000 straws or more, will be in the range of .0185 per straw for 11” and app .02 for 13”. Slightly more for longer, less for shorter straws.

Please respond with any questions, comments, suggestions, or to let me know your interest level.

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